Payment Rules:


Date of Issuance: Oct 01 2019.

We appreciate and thank you for your participation in Santakart. We hope to build on this as you progress on the journey of growing your business by selling your products to customers across the globe.

To help you sell more every day while providing the best possible customer experience every single time, we are making some changes to our fee structure. These changes reflect our increasing commitment to make Santakart the most preferred marketplace for selling.

Chapter I General and Definitions

Article 1 Purpose

These Rules are hereby formulated to maintain and optimize the trading order on, to better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users on, and also to facilitate users’ understanding and use of the Secure Payment.

Article 2 Scope of Application

These Rules, as part of the policies, govern online transactions conducted by users on (

Article 3 Definitions

3.1 Buyer

Buyer refers to a user of that enters into an Online Order to purchase products on

3.2 Seller

Seller refers to a user of that enters into an Online Order to sell products on

3.3 Online Order

Online Order refers to the purchase and sale contract entered into by the Buyer and the Seller through the online trading system of

3.4 Payment Instructions

The Buyer may make payment for an order through its own bank account or engage others to make such payment. Where the Buyer engages another to make payment, he/she must properly keep the receipt for such payment.

3.5 Settlement Currency

An Online Order must be settled in USD. Technical Service Fees referred to herein will be calculated, paid and collected in USD.

3.6 Bank Charges

Bank Charges refer to the fees charged by a bank or third party financial institution during the payment and collection of transactions, which will be borne by the payee. Both the Buyer and Seller should bear the risk of fluctuations in Exchange rate.

3.8 Trade Terms

Unless otherwise agreed by the Buyer and the Seller, the Trade Terms agreed between both parties.

Chapter II Operational Process

Article 4 Operational Process

The below operational process is applicable for Silver Member Suppliers.
payment method process

Article 5 Timeout

The online trading system of sets certain operation time limits on Online Orders for both the Buyer and the Seller, both parties should respond in a timely manner. 

Article 6 Logistics

Currently, Online Orders on supports the logistics mode of air transportation. The Buyer and the Seller may select other logistic channels for delivery through negotiation by channels provided in like Chat or Messages, which should be true and traceable. 

Article 7 Payment Release

Once an Online Order is fulfilled after the Buyer confirms receipt of the product online or after the product is duly delivered by the logistics service provider, will conduct the Payment Release after deducting service fees. Pay-outs will be done on 15th and 30th of each month.

Chapter III Dispute Settlement

Article 8 Dispute Settlement

8.1 Filing, acceptance and determination of disputes over Online Order transactions are subject to the transaction dispute settlement procedures and rules set forth in the Rules for Transactions on  In addition, the Buyer and the Seller may also directly file an application for dispute settlement through the Online Order management platform .

8.2   In addition to direct evidence recorded in the online trading system of such as Online Orders, delivery documents and other materials submitted through the system, parties to a dispute may also provide the following supporting materials:  
(1) Written communications relating to the transaction between the parties;
(2) Quality testing reports of the product; and
(3) Other supporting evidence that can substantiate their claim.

Article 9 Determination of Disputes

9.1 If it is proven by the relevant evidence that the Seller has breached the Online Order or transaction-related Rules, will determine that the Seller is in default, request the Seller to refund relevant payment and impose a corresponding penalty against the Seller.

9.2 After the Buyer receives the refund, the relevant Online Order will be terminated.

Article 10 Closure of Online Order

An Online Order will be closed if:

10.1         either party fails to respond within the operation time limit, such as due to operation timeout during processes including Seller confirming the order, Buyer making payment or Seller delivering the product, etc.;

10.2         both parties mutually agree to cancel the Online Order through consultation after the Buyer makes payment yet before the Seller delivers the product;

10.3 determines to close the Online Order after accepting the complaint and making its determination;

10.4         the Buyer and the Seller or the performance of the transaction contract violates or are suspected of having violated laws, regulations, policies, rules, orders of competent authorities, or the service agreement, website policies and rules; or  

10.5         either party has its account on closed for any reason, or cannot perform the contract due to penalties.

 12.3         In the event of any inconsistency between the English and other languages versions of these Rules, the English version will always prevail.

Service Fees:

Please find below our service fees based on the categories listed below. These service fees are applicable for Silver Members. Santakart reserves the right to modify its service fees.

Table 1:





Electronics and Home Appliances



Beauty, Health & Personal Care


Apparel, Textiles & Fashion


Automobiles, Machinery & Industrial


Home, Living, Décor, Furniture & Furnishing


Sports, Toys, Baby Products & Crafts


Food & Beverages


Building Material & Hardware


Environmental Protection Equipment & Products


Scientific, Health & Medical Equipment


Jewellery, Watch, Eyewear & Accessories






Luggage, Bags & Cases

Note: We may apply Goods and Services Tax / VAT to all fees displayed above as per Local Government Laws if Applicable.

Membership Plans:

If supplier chooses to become a Gold or VIP Member no service fees is levied on the supplier account. Please find below Membership Plans and its benefits. We encourage suppliers to participate in membership plans and take full advantage of its benefits.



Silver Member

Gold Member

VIP Member - (Most Popular)




Service Fees on orders received

Separate Market Store for Supplier to showcase products

Separate Dashboard to Supplier

Can upload up to 500 products.

No Annual membership

Verified Supplier logo


Global exposure of company & your products

Suppliers can upload unlimited products into platform

Separate market store for supplier to showcase products

Verified supplier display

Separate dashboard to supplier

0% service fee on orders

Unlimited technical assistance4

Free - product uploading assistance for unlimited products

Verified Supplier logo

0% service fees on unlimited  orders

Gold member logo on website





 Global exposure of company & your products

Suppliers can upload unlimited products into platform

Separate market store for supplier to showcase products

Separate dashboard to supplier

Verified supplier display

0% service fee on orders

Showcase of your products

Free - product uploading assistance for unlimited products

Unlimited technical assistance4

Verified Supplier logo

0% service fees on unlimited orders

Your company & products promotions

More visibility to buyers

Free - banner design service1

Your company banner promotion on website2

Potential buyer leads based on enquiries3

VIP Member logo on website



  1. Our Team will design your banner for free. You will have to provide your logo and or product details.
  2. We will showcase your company or products on our website.
  3. Leads & enquiries received will be sent to you on first come first basis.
  4. Unlimited Technical assistance will be provided for issues related to product uploading or account handling or updating products or profile etc. related to your account on technical issues on priority basis.